Losing weight has always been something that everyone wishes to get their hands on and the more people are smarter the more would be the outlook of a person enhanced. However, when it comes to losing weight people use numerous different techniques some consider dieting, some go for gyming, some think of getting surgical processes done and some consider taking pills. However, each of the method followed by the people out there has its own advantages and disadvantages over the followers.See this for more details.

However, nowadays people are considering HCG diet a lot and it has gained significant popularity all over the world as well, therefore when it comes to losing weight with HCG these are basically drops which are injected in the body and along with it different diet plans are also required to be followed. However, being a weight loss technique this form of diet also has some of its own benefits as well as disadvantages and here we have highlighted them in detail.

Pros of HCG Diet

· HCG diet is a technique of losing weight in the fastest possible way, for instance, a person may use this form of diet if they are short of time and need to lose weight in the quickest possible manner.

· HCG diet prepares body for maintenance, for instance once the weight is lost the body may be maintained the entire life if care is taken and one doesn’t get back to same weight after leaving this diet.


· HCG drops never affect your skin, many other pills and diets make the skin look baggy and lose whereas in the context of HCG diet this is not the case.

Cons of HCG Diet

· This diet can only be followed up to a period of six weeks and not beyond that moreover, this is a strict form of diet which cannot be broken in between.


· A restricted diet has to be followed while taking HCG diet drops or else everything goes down the drain.